From youth enterprise to limited company

More than six years ago, the founders behind FR Supply sat at the school desk in Øwregata 13, in the historic buildings belonging to Ålesund Vgs., Latin School. The goal was to hatch an idea that was good enough for us to use the remaining time to create a youth business. After a lot of back and forth, we finally landed on laundry bags. Our washing bags should stand out and simplify the everyday life of customers through a system. We had a special customer group in mind. It was maritime. Therefore, our washing bags were equipped with ID tags that indicated the cabin number on the ship. The product was well received by our first customer and although we had only sold to one ship at this point - I think our youth business was the only one that actually turned a profit.

Long story short; we continued to offer laundry bags. For several years, "Bags & Tags" was run through sole proprietorships, and we got more and more satisfied customers in Sunnmøre. In the end, we decided to bet properly. We each founded a limited company at the end of 2016, and used one to run the company. As time went on, we realized that although the laundry bags were a popular product, it was too narrow to build a company on. We needed a wider product range, and it had to be maritime adapted to this as well. The choice fell on the niche category Flame-retardant cabin articles . We established supplier agreements, changed our name, created a new website and began the conversion process. FR Supply was born. One year later, both the number of customers and the turnover had multiplied, and we understood that we were on the right track.

In January 2019, FR Supply AS was formally established. We are motivated and have great ambitions to grow. We are constantly hunting related products, potential customers and looking at areas where we can develop the business for the better. Today, FR offers laundry bags, flame retardant products, commercial kitchen equipment, profiling articles and more, to a number of regular customers in Norway and abroad. We have adopted an open attitude and adapt the range based on demand. We believe this is a good strategy for further growth.

Thank you for your interest. Stay tuned!