Return form and general conditions

Right of withdrawal:

In the case of purchases in the online store or by telephone, the right of withdrawal applies.

The buyer does not have the right to return ordered goods without prior agreement with FR Supply AS. If FR Supply AS accepts goods in return*, the buyer must cover shipping costs for the goods that are returned. Goods that are not standard stock goods at FR Supply AS are not accepted for return unless the goods are damaged or have significant defects. This also applies to goods that have been put into use. In other words, the right of withdrawal does not apply to specially manufactured goods according to the customer's preferences, such as beds and mattresses in different fabrics, firmnesses and configurations. If a return is accepted, FR Supply must order shipping and use the return form. This can be downloaded by clicking here: Return form

*Exchange/return must be made within 14 days. This assumes that the item has not been used and that the packaging has not been broken. Return of larger consignments must be agreed with FR Supply AS before dispatch.

General terms:

  1. Offer

Offers are valid for 30 days from the date of issue, unless otherwise stated. Agreements that deviate from the offer are not binding until after written confirmation from FR Supply AS.

  1. Price

If FR Supply AS's costs in connection with the execution of the agreement increase as a result of higher shipping costs, insurance, taxes, customs, currency changes or other factors beyond FR Supply's control, FR Supply reserves the right to regulate prices accordingly, within the framework of the applicable price regulations. All stated prices are exclusive of VAT.

  1. Quantum

Deliveries preferably take place in full standard packages, the number of which will vary based on product type. For orders that deviate from the standard quantity, a breakage fee may apply. This is stated in issued offers.

  1. Delivery time

The stated delivery time is calculated from the first working day after FR Supply AS has received the order. The seller will inform the buyer if the normal delivery time cannot be met. Delayed deliveries do not warrant compensation.

  1. Shipment

All orders over NOK 5,000 are delivered free of charge to the buyer within Norway's national borders, when FR Supply AS's ordinary shipping method is used. Orders below NOK 5,000 are charged with up to NOK 500 in shipping costs for delivery to an address, or NOK 184 for the Norway package. If FR Supply is to deviate from the ordinary shipping method, the buyer pays shipping costs. Thus, the buyer must pay freight by express, air or with a carrier other than the one that is FR Supply's regular carrier on the current route.

  1. Transport damage/Deficiency

The buyer/Consignee must himself check that the goods are not damaged and that the number of parcels delivered is in accordance with the consignment note's specifications. Deficiency or damage must be noted on the consignment note before receipt of receipt. This is to prevent the carrier from disclaiming responsibility for damage or shortages. Any damage or shortage must be reported to FR Supply without undue delay and within seven working days.

  1. Terms of payment

FR Supply AS's payment terms are net per 30 days from the invoice date for companies and net per 14 days for private individuals. Payment must be on FR Supply's account on the due date. In the case of payment after the due date, late payment interest is calculated in accordance with regulations on interest for late payment. For companies, sole proprietorships and private individuals without a particularly verifiable history, FR Supply reserves the right to demand payment before goods are shipped.

  1. Sales deposit

FR Supply AS reserves the right to a sales pledge in accordance with §3-14 and §3-22 of the Pledge Act.

  1. Use of the goods

The buyer must familiarize himself with the product's application possibilities and properties. Before the item is put into use, the buyer must decide whether the product is suitable for the intended use. The buyer bears the risk and responsibility in connection with this. In cases of resale, responsibility for providing received information about the goods rests with the buyer.

  1. Responsibility

FR Supply AS undertakes only to replace the value of the number of goods which have been shown to be defective or missing.

  1. Force majeure

Unpredictable and unforeseen obstacles to the execution of the agreement give FR Supply AS the right to cancel the agreement in whole or in part or extend the delivery time according to the duration of the obstacle. Cancellation of the agreement in this context entails no liability for damages for FR Supply.

  1. Disputes

Disagreements that may arise in connection with the purchase agreement and which the parties are unable to agree on, shall be settled in accordance with Norwegian law. Venue is Møre og Romsdal District Court.